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Who We Are?

Arise and Shine Edu.           


Office: CBS Japan Mission/ASE (보냄과키움, 명문주니어유학)

CBS 15F, 159-1, Mokdongseo-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (07997)

Phone: 82-2-532-2835, 82-70-4133-2835        FAX: 82-2-2651-4205

Mobile: 82-10-7141-1800

President: Sungho HAN


Mission statement

  • Opportunity for student's personal well-balanced growth.

  • Students are treated with dignity and respect. I realize that my work is the place for missionary and am becoming the airfield for teenagers who are taking off and flying, bearing their visions. I am a professional and manager who designs international education so that the students can become the great person they can be who contributes to society and the world.


Our offerings

  • Present the right alternative to the students who are planning to study abroad, and give them reasonable opportunities.

  • Provide the students of a place of opportunities so that the teenagers get the chance to learn each other's understanding through international exchange.

  • Serve so that the students' body, mind, and spirit can develop harmoniously.


1. History

  • 11. 2016 to be appointed International Relations Officer for KOSA

  • 10. 2016 to be commissioned Vice President of USA Foundation

  • 03. 2015 Held the Study Abroad Fair for Secondary student and Agencies

  • 11. 2014 Arise and Shine Edu. Gangnam office open

  • 10. 2014 Arise and Shine Edu. Mokdong office open

  • 01. 2012 to be elected chairman of Korea Overseas Study Association (KOSA)

  • 06. 2008 Appointed to Columnist of Christian Broadcasting System

  • 01. 2008 Agreement with Kookmin Daily News Media Group

  • 12. 2004 Acquired certified Int’l education specialist (KOSA)

  • 09. 2003 US Exchange Student Program starts

  • 07. 2000 New Millennium Youth Leadership camp in China

  • 03. 1992 Myungmoon Edu. Company founded (President Yongnae KIM)

2. What do we do?

  • US Int’l Private School Program: SMG, ICES, NOD

  • US Private School Program (By SMG)

  • US Exchange Student Program (J-1):  SMG, NOD, BFF, ICES

  • Canadian Int’l School program: Thames Valley School District etc.

  • Support for a study program for Korean civil servants

  • Financial Aid Consulting

  • Conditional admission to US Univ.: ESLi

  • A consulting business for the establishment of an international school in Korea

  • Korean cultural experience camp for foreign students.

3. How are we helping?

  • Basic counseling

  • Proceed with the study process

  • Management while studying abroad

  • To improve student's intelligence ability.

  • To improve student's independent living skills and relationships with others.

  • To improve the quality of an individual’s life and personnel management.

  • To develop a student's physical and spiritual strength.

  • To develop student's psychological resilience.

  • Compassionate and caring staff.

  • Trained staff provides quality care.

  • Staff and care professional consultants work together for the well-being of our students.

4.  Who I am? – Sungho HAN

  • Founder / President of ASE

  • Columnist, CBS Early Education from 2008

  • Audit of KOSA (Korea Overseas Study Association) from 2018

  • An international relations officer of KOSA for FELCA from 2016

  • A director of Christian Broadcast System for Japan Mission from 2005

  • Certified Int’l Education Specialist by the KOSA from 2004

  • A Missouri Publis Relations Ambassador from 2018

  • Former President of KOSA, 2012

5. Recruitment strategy

  • On-line keyword marketing & SNS

  • Email marketing

  • Radio advertising

  • Expert group networking

  • Cooperation with English language centers in Korea


Thank you.

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